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How to verify Facebook Page or Profile?

January 20th, 2016 | by Shree H. Niraula
How to verify Facebook Page or Profile?

As we can see many celebrities, politicians, business companies and other individual’s facebook profile is marked as verified page.


Today, we are going to provide some information, how to Facebook page or profile get verified?

As per the online Facebook forum, Facebook Page Verification is only available for following categories of pages which are related with:

– Journalists
– Popular Brand or Businesses
– Government Officials
– Celebrities
– Media
– Entertainment
– Sports Companies

If you have your personal or business pages that exactly match the categories mentioned above, there will be a higher chances to get your page or profile verified and your Facebook page must officially represent your local business or any personality and should be popular on Facebook. It doesn’t matter how many likes or followers you have but if you have 20k + likes in  your page then higher chances to get verified . When you create a Facebook page provide all the real information about you or your business so Facebook can make sure you’re the real person and your business and posted information are accurate and updated.

In order to continue page or profile verification, You need to follow some instructions:

1) Link to your Profile or Page from the Official Website on your page or profile which you want to verify.
2) Provide accurate information in details about your business in the About Section of your Page or Profile.

In the About section you should add:

– Significant long and short description.
– Email. Phone no. or contact information.
– Official Website or blog.

To request a verified badge, you need to open the link given below and fill it with the real information:

Please leave comments if you have any queries?

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